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How Great is it to be Appreciated & Thanked for a Job Well Done?


Even better, how great is it to be surprised with a thank you or appreciation gift when you are not expecting it?




This is the idea behind an innovative way to let your staff, and even your customers know, you appreciate them and are thankful for them.




Scratch and Win ticket/gift packs can be that vehicle that makes the element of surprise even more fun. Through the use of already imprinted product with a special message and a set of tickets – everyone can be a winner!  This thoughtful promotion combines the thrill of winning with the ability to share your thankfulness to someone for a job well done.  Excellent for use in employee programs, you actually purchase the entire set of preprinted product and tickets for a turnkey promotion that you can do immediately on arrival.  Not all things promotional products are personally imprinted and this one does not need to be, but it can be, if you so desire.  With many options to choose from in this product line, here is one that is simple, easy and affordable.








Caught Being Awesome Scratch & Win Prize Pack


$100 Pack includes 20 preprinted Scratch off tickets, then 5 of each of the 4 products shown above – clipboard, lunch tote,


water bottle or large carry tote.  Every ticket is a winner!






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