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“Plan Ahead” is Solid Advice for 2021


It is no secret now that many industries have been scrambling to try to return to the status quo from 2019 with little success.  Numerous industries are feeling the effects of inventory shortages, higher raw material costs and almost-tripled shipping costs, not to mention delays in communication.  2020 has taken its toll on many industries, and the promotional product industry is no exception.  As I write this in June of 2021, I do so to share with you the hurdles we are facing in this industry but to also share with you how we can combat them together in order to continue to be successful when planning your marketing programs moving forward. 

Below are several general situations being experienced industry wide. They are projected to be issues into the early part of 2022 at this time:

Insufficient Inventory

Sky rocketing shipping costs

 Rising raw material/labor costs

 Difficulty of manufacturers being able to hire enough staff and to train them

 Unfavorable exchange rates on overseas product

 Delayed communication based on employee logistics


What can you do?

-        Plan further ahead than normal. If you usually plan your programs 1-2 months in advance, consider 3 months in advance or even a full quarter in advance (as costs are also projected to rise quarterly). This extra time is especially necessary if samples need to be viewed or large inventory quantities are necessary.

-        Be flexible in your expectations.  If a product you want is not available, BayAds will be providing you with alternative suggestions.  If the product needs to be exact, please understand that a backorder may be necessary to fulfill the entire quantity need.

-        Don’t assume that a repeat order will be at the same cost as the previous order. All product will need to be quoted regardless of previous order history.

-        Be patient as communication is not happening as rapidly as it has in the past.  To our disappointment many of our preferred suppliers are experiencing a disconnect in inter-office communication that makes it difficult to get an answer right away on inventory, order entry, art/proofing and shipping updates. It is as frustrating to them as it is to us, but we have had to be patient in waiting on replies.


BayAds Commitment to you 

-        We will take every opportunity to provide you with an up to date cost estimates and inventory status on any products you request.  Keep in mind that research on suggested product is done up front of many decisions for actual purchase and we cannot be assured that inventory will be available in the quantity you need by the time you are ready for a specific quote.

-        On any specific quoted product, BayAds will provide you with a quote expiration date whenever possible.  In the past many quotes were good for the year, that is no longer the case. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the quote past the expiration and would need to communicate with the manufacturer before extending a quote past that date.

-        We will make every effort to make sure that when product is ordered that it is exact to your expectations.  However, specific to wearable items, we have no control over inventory at the time of order and despite our best efforts we have had great difficulty in sourcing many products over several wholesalers of late.  When necessary we will advise you of an available substitution, but if the substitution results in a higher charge than quoted, we will be obligated to make a determination on passing that charge along to you, if it is of significance (if a price increase is small, we will negotiate that increase as best we can to keep from passing it along to you).

-        Rest assured that BayAds is busy working for you and any request you make - even if you do not hear from us as quickly as you have in the past - is being processed for a reply.  Considering that most manufacturers still have staff working from home and some in the office, communication can take longer than what we normally expect. But BayAds is on top of your request and will provide you with information as timely as possible when received back on our end.

-        Expect price increases in product and shipping as the year finishes out.  As a distributor, BayAds will be working on your behalf to keep those costs down and reasonable whenever possible. It is our obligation and our duty on behalf of you, our client, to “work” for you as a team member and we will continue that responsibility without interruption being ever mindful of your program budgets.

A final note, for those that normally order holiday gifts for your employees and clients, please consider doing so by the third quarter (July-September). Current projections are that product that is ordered in October will not deliver before the holiday season starts in December and that price increases for the 4th quarter are eminent. Please plan and we can work together to make all your programs a success in 2021.












How Great is it to be Appreciated & Thanked for a Job Well Done?


Even better, how great is it to be surprised with a thank you or appreciation gift when you are not expecting it?




This is the idea behind an innovative way to let your staff, and even your customers know, you appreciate them and are thankful for them.




Scratch and Win ticket/gift packs can be that vehicle that makes the element of surprise even more fun. Through the use of already imprinted product with a special message and a set of tickets – everyone can be a winner!  This thoughtful promotion combines the thrill of winning with the ability to share your thankfulness to someone for a job well done.  Excellent for use in employee programs, you actually purchase the entire set of preprinted product and tickets for a turnkey promotion that you can do immediately on arrival.  Not all things promotional products are personally imprinted and this one does not need to be, but it can be, if you so desire.  With many options to choose from in this product line, here is one that is simple, easy and affordable.








Caught Being Awesome Scratch & Win Prize Pack


$100 Pack includes 20 preprinted Scratch off tickets, then 5 of each of the 4 products shown above – clipboard, lunch tote,


water bottle or large carry tote.  Every ticket is a winner!






For more amazing ideas using this concept of thankfulness and appreciation or for ideas on team building, reaching sales goals or employee recognition,


contact BayAds today.