• Sep 28, 2021







While the above photo may look like an abstract painting, it is actually an aerial photograph of what the Los Angles port looks like today as port traffic backlogs grow under persistent supply chain challenges for all product – retail and wholesale. 


As removed as this may seem to us here on the East Coast, I live close to the Chesapeake Bay and have noted that where there are normally about 4-5 carrier ships at anchor outside of Annapolis, today we have 11!  As I travelled today through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, the parking lots at the port here, which normally have every space filled with new cars/trucks, was eerily empty of all but Jeep product and box trucks.  The entire scene was like looking at an empty stadium lot when football season is over!


Closer to home, the challenge of finding full stock in available product with a single supplier is getting more and more difficult as this year progresses.  This challenge has forced BayAds to have to break up orders with several vendors in an effort to make complete order quantities.  Daily inventory fluctuation has caused us to have to advise that when checking stock and relaying what is currently available, we cannot guarantee that stock availability past that day, especially where wearable items are concerned. 




As we approach the 4th quarter of the year, we can no longer guarantee pricing beyond 15 days as prices are fluctuating monthly in the industry due to raw material availability.  We have been informed that product will continue to be scarce as we head toward the holidays, which forced us to advise clients in July that orders placed after September had no guarantee of being fulfilled before the end of the year. 


As dismal as this picture of the industry is, there is hope.  As long as you are willing to be flexible on your expectations of product and shipping, we are still working to do our best to provide you with timely quotes and accurate inventory counts as needed.  It is our great desire to be of service to you and to do our best in doing so.  The good news in all of this is that there are many US manufacturers that have ample stock in product that they manufacturer and provide here in the States.  Many of these suppliers saw the coming shortages and made allotment to have raw materials on hand to be able to continue to manufacturer final product. As we move into the final months of 2021, BayAds will work to provide product from these manufacturers as we can and to steer you to product that will be accurately inventoried and available domestically. 


Until further notice, we will no longer source product outside of the US. While the process of obtaining product overseas has had a good outcome in the past with comparable quality product being obtained, we cannot guarantee in any way whether product will be shipped and received in a timely manner – especially where event needs are concerned.  Again, in this instance we will make every effort to provide you with a product that is obtainable here in the US and appreciate your flexibility and creativity in considering these products for your needs as the year progresses. 


It is our hope as we move into the new year that we will see a reduction in issues with inventory and shipping and more opportunity to provide you with the specific product you are seeking.  Until then, your understand and patience with the process is greatly appreciated and we continue to work for you!


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